Monday, August 17, 2015

We had fun and make some new friends in recent "remembering LKY show" in INSTINC!

My statement: 

"Mr Lee Kwan Yew planted a tree on 16 June 1963 and many more in his life-time. I was not aware of this before his death. Without him, we will not have about 2 million trees and I am so grateful for his vision and commitment in making his vision a reality. "Never mind the colours, just green up the city first. When the first plane lands, I want people to look at planted vegetation not ranked vegetation" were Mr Lee's spoken words. My love for the trees in Singapore led me to create" Conversations with trees" since 2011 and in this series my idea is to combine the silkscreens of Mr Lee Kwan Yew planting trees and the marks of Singapore trees on the same canvases. This series pays tribute to Mr Lee Kwan Yew- the chief Gardener of Singapore's Garden City. "

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