Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Frida n mic her hubby, they are the owners of this 4 yr old gallery. Their passion for art can be felt as I shared with them my art. Frida speaks some English, so it was OK for me to share my works with her. They came to my studio for a visit on FRIDAY 15 Aug 2008.
Me and the artist Aki .
Sunday 17 Aug I went to a church that I heard from Aki has an English service at 11am. I walked abt 30mins from my apt to this church.
The inside, Jesus seems to be flying in space in the front , top of this church.
I saw this on the way back home the same sunday. Mr MACS eating MACS then shit in his own box. Quite funny and pokes fun at this mega company. Is MACS shit?
Another outdoor open air screening. We were so cold after 2 hrs movie by Larry Clarke, watsup rockers. it started at 10pm by the time it ended the train stops operation, we had to take the night bus. The movie is interesting, abt teenagers from mexico and how the life is like, skate-boarding culture, security, class system, getto and the beverly hills differences, racism, love /friendship and the absence of ... and stuff....
The tram stop that I take 97 tram to b;c everday.
The view if i wait for the tram...
Aki is having an two-person exhibition at this gallery now. The name is called -cobalt international gallery.
the gallery
We went to a film fest called pleinopenair. this is a really cool fest as it screens films in weird spaces, like here we are in an old italian rest...
This movie is made by 2 chinese who documents how the residents had taken homes removed as the beijing govt needs to extend the street from 8 meters to 24 meters to prepare for the olypmics.

The make shift projector sceen, see this is a sewing machine at the bottom. haha

Walking around St Gilles, near bains;connective with Aki, he is a painter too, he stays and works in bains;connective.
He treated me to this ...
Thats him!
Started working on these 60cm by 50cm works on paper. Limited myself to 3 colours, blue, sepia and olive green. Black and white.
This is how my working table looks.
Some collages using magazines.
More beer!!
the beer coasters

The finished product.
This lady is the grand daughter of this brewery. She keeps the tradition going....
Different stages of the beer-making.

The place where the beer are kept.
A pic of the artist, Mario.
Paulo is a photography freak, look at him. He is carrying a vintage light-meter in front, and a DSLR and a medium format russian camera left and right. This is his hobby only, he works in a satelite company in Paris. He bought a paper pinhole camera from BOZAR art store. He spend a long time fixing it up and he bought 35mm film to test. The results were pretty cool. He inspires me ... when i see him take pics, I have the urge to take too ...
Many such mural with comics are all over Brussels. I really like them, gives the city a cheery mood.
Dali, this poster is everywhere...

We went to a ancient brewery , that made Gueuze beer, the beer has a sour taste and no like nay beer I have ever tasted. The water from the vallery in Brussels has a bacteria that only exists here and this process takes very long to brew as they use :spontaneous fermentation instead of chemicals to speed up the fermentation process. Avergae takes about 3 yrs to make the beer. I dont really like that taste though, it has a very natural taste and sour. strong pungent smell too. Really accquired taste.
Hey, sorry for the slow update since i was back in Brussels. I have been busy with my work.... So here is my diary....Continued from where I left. A pub,one of the older ones near our apt. This is the view for my seat.
Bojana and her hubby, Paulo (on visit from Paris over the weekends). Bojana(Serbia) is working with Mario(Portuagal) is a dance/performance artist, they are both living in the same apt as me.
Over the weekend while Paulo was here, we went to the flea market and there was this old cafe that is very cool and we had our brunch here.

On the way to the flea market, there is a shop that sells vintage chairs. i love the display, very eye-catching.