Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to BRUSSELS 21 JULY 2008

A very cool architecture near the city.

My first mussels and fries in Brussels, with Bojana and her hubby Paulo.
Me and Katja, leaving the castle, last moments ....
At the train station. I really like the brightly colored graffiti on the trains!!
We went to the city Ljubljana for a night and half day.It is a very pleasant city.

We stay at a aparment here, near the row of F& B along the river bank.

The opening of the Lindart exibition 19 july 2008

All the artists stood in front in one line and we were being introduced one by one, with our country. I feel proud to be standing there, as an artist representing Singapore.
The crowd at the opening.

Cycling after the opening is very tiring after a night of drinking.
Our motel for 10days.

Good times

We went bowling one night and i was impressed they have a decent bowling place in this small town. computerized not hand-written scores.haha
Some of our collaborative paintings.

I did collaboration with Alba too from Spain. Black and white works on paper. IT was really great working with her, though we have abit of language problem but art is a universal language. We shared the same sensibilities when it comes to painting abstract works. i like her Spanish passion
And also with Mag from Argentina, we worked quite fast and our style compliments each other. She has a strong figurative painting background.
This city is very small and has rivers like this and many houses, few people stay in apartments.
Near the city. you dont get mega malls. just supermarkets and some shops only.
Me enjoying a whisky ice-cream after swimming at the thermal spa at Hotel Lipa. They said the water here has many therapeutic properties, the best water in Europe!
Olga from Moldavia, sh e is a terrific illustrator who works with water-colour mostly.
Sight-seeing trip. Quack....
The recent storm killed this tree, among many....sad
The boathouse
The city where lindart took place....

Meals at lindart

Check out the size of this wine bottle!!
Michelle and her mum made this deliciuos meal , dinner for us one day. It was really good!!
Look at the sauce, the love sauce!
Alba and Mag pouring this wine...very heavy as u can see....needs 2 persons....haha

Thomas, from germany created this during crepes session. Self-portrait.THOMAS, choc syrup on crepe, 30cm diameter, 2008
Magdalena from Argentina and Morgan from USA at the back... they are another team. Lindart will randomly choose the artist that you will work with for the 10days.
Ric , from Scotland making the birds houses.
Our meals are taken here at the 2 round tables, most of the time, we are all very hungry by the time the meals are served, so noone talks but focus on eating alone.
Me and HIro, from Japan , our little work space.We are called the :Asian Team, here ar Lindart. ISnt it a coincidence that we , the only Asians in the 12 are paired together??

Hiro , in his work clothes, pondering very hard at our works, he paints super realistic phone wires using tiny brushes for his own paintings. He is a very hardworking artist. I was very blessed to get him as my partner. We worked quite well together.


The 12 participates of lindart 2008.
The printmaking studio
the paper drying rack
Katja from slovenia, also a co-organizer of lindart.

Alba from Spain , doing her : birds paintings, as in these paintings are created for the birds to see.

inside the castle

This is the gallery space, but now it was used as our studio space. The floor is laid with plastic sheet so that we dont dirty the wood flooring.

bon fire

Sometimes during our 10days in lindart, we will have dinner outside with this fire, as it is quite breezy , it was really nice.

Friday, July 25, 2008

10-19 july 2008---LINDART

on your mark get set GO!!!!

our first meal in slovenia, lendava . the start of a very MEATY 10 days....
my cabin
9 july 2008

train ride to lindart in slovenia. abt 4 hrs total, glad i had ric and kate for company. it was a scenic ride but i was too tired as i woke up at 4am that day and took a eurostar from london and then flight from brussels to slovenia. so this is my second train ride in a single day.i think this is my most hectic day so far in my journey...

tate modern

my main aim to be in london, besides catching up with may is to visit this exhibition by CY TWOMBLY. His works are nothing like what you see in the books.

vickki and me in london

i ran out of credits in london so i cant upload anything for the past 2 weeks. this was taken on the 7 july in london, met up with vickki for a short while as she had early class the next day. was good to see her.