Monday, April 20, 2009

TOP of Bergen

Absorb the awesome view of the entire city on a clear sunny day !

Openings at Bergen Art spaces

A MFA grad show at Landmark. Very crowded... And it was very stuffy, I had to go out to get some cool air...
Another opening at HKS, near USF
They have a cafe and a books corner
Love the look of these....
Check out my OPEN STUDIO poster here...

Days in Bergen

The houses are very nice...I love the trees and how they look against the blue sky...
The gallery that I will be screening my handpainted on 16mm clear film, Diary (4-15 April 2009, Bergen, Norway) The opening is on 8 May 2009.
An artist I met recently at USF, she is a great abstract painter, likes John Cage too... He name is Therese.
Maia, a sound artist in USF, she makes cool installation using sound...
Check out her equipments!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Easter Sunday!!

For a long time, the sun is sleeping. Today, surprising it woke up and people started to appear. This week since last friday(Good Friday), I was told by locals that the town will be dead. People will be skiing and visiting family and wont be in Bergen. I was shocked to see so many people here on Easter Sunday.

So, I had to seize this superb weather and grab a beer! Artist-in-residence has a discount of 10Krones, which is about SIN$2.5. A beer costs 49Krones after the discount. Not very cheap. But compared to other things in Bergen, most things are more expensive then Singapore. So comparing, beer is the same price. ;)

The first day Im wearing this doggy cap, it looks funny but its actually very warm; keep my ears warm...

Friday, April 10, 2009


these are life size... quite scary when I walked in ...alone...with all these animals surrounding me
A typical street in Bergen.... bright houses...steep roads... very few people!!
Many ships passes here... this is what I see everyday...

The view from my studio at night.... look abit like Santorini at night :)

Around Bergen

A nice small gallery near USF
My roll of paper that I bought. I have completed it yesterday, 8 April 2008.
A nice church, many of the churches here are not open to the public, this one states that it is open 11am to 1230pm, which it didnt. pity that i can only see the outside...
went to the natural science museum. many animals, birds, fishes, whales even... quite scary when they are look like real..
Spider crab!! makes me wanna eat ;) but this one might be poisonous.

Spring is here!

a very cool building...its a place for concerts, music and stuff....
I always need to pass here when i walk to the supermarket, KIWI mini pris.

Walking around the city

Guess what? instinct ...

An arts supply store where I bought a roll of fabricano 150cm by 1000cm.
Near USF...

The spiral stairs leads to my studio on the 3rd level. Studio #354. Its a short walk, but its windy...


This is a gorgeous, every artist dream studio, measuring at least 1000 square feet with an amazing view of the ocean, actually called fjord, I realised. Bergen is the capital of fjords. It is a geographical formation I read..
The other view of my studio.
This is the kitchen in my studio apt, which is just 5 mins walk away.
The view in my living room, all the boats..but no one is using !! so wasted...

This is the desk of line (pronouced as LINA) she is in-charge of the AIR program here. Check out the book on her desk, it is mine, flown all the way from Singapore.(2 yrs ago when I apply..)

AIR USF, Bergen Norway (1 April to 27 May 2009)

Today is the 9th day that I am here in Bergen. I have been using facebook. Since my last residency in Brussels last year, it seems like the whole world is on facebook. Having much though, i think i would also want to blog this down here.. to make it a complete documentation of this visual diary.
This is how my apartment at the small boat harbor looks like...its a cozy studio apt with everything inside.
This is the building where I am staying the one from the spiral stairs, on the left.

This is KAFE KLIPPERS. Run by USF.
This is USF the main building.