Monday, June 30, 2008


Market,nearest to my apt.groceries and daily stuff.expensìve.i have decided to do shopping and wash clothes and pack my room.sounds like housewife rather than artist.haha

My hanging clothes there is no washing machine,i have decided to hand-washed some stuff.its 441pm here.

Rare find

1935 mum wasnt even born yet.5euros i paid for a stack.

Le chìneur cafe

Having my bfast here.very cold
And windy .

Flea mkt

At place du jeu de from 4am to 2pm daily.junk heaven.many cool stuff to buy if u have the patience.price starts from 1euro.


I will be taking this kind of tram everyday to my apt and studio.electric tram,no pollution.


At 942pm here in brussels.kept thinking its still early.hehe

My ist belgium waffle

Cruchy on the outside,and soft on the inside.warm and nice.but sweet.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The pool

Bains connective. Finally im heRe.

My food

Lunch.its some chicken pie thing.very salty.guess only the beer is good here.

Cafe leffe

My fav beer, can i miss?val at another show that im not at the cafe,shouldnt it be called bar?waiting 4 my happy,im super hungry,its 240pm now

Bosar museum

I went to the free exibitions here.val liked the rock music n art show.bought 2 bks at the bozar store though.

My view from my bed

No more sleeping late,sun shines in early.more time 4 art,great!

My ist

Meal in brussels after the ordeal. Had steak n fries.

The gas station

Below my apt.pray that i will be safe here.

The Shared kitchen

The hallway

The apt has 3 floors,1 is the gas station,2 is kitchen and living room,im on 3 flr.

My room

Luea called back n told me she fell sick,so msg was not passed.the president of bc arrived and opened the apt!finally

Reach at 11am

Only get to my apt at this time.the apt was locked when we get there and i could not contact anyone.i stood there waiting while val tried to find a hostel close by.i used my hp to send an email to them and pray that they will check.all hostels we called were full.i where to sleep ...

My apt main door

Tin tin train station

Ist piece of art i saw in brussels. The person from bains:connective failed to show up so me and val took a cab.when we are there,as it was A saturday,it was closed.i was quite upset,what a bad start.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coach 8

Seat 51

Paris nord terminal

Im now train less than 2hrs , i will be in belgium,brussels. Very exciting.

Our room in paris

Cheap budget hotel,with 3 beds stuck side by side.last nite here.looking forward to brussels apt

Sale everywhere

Last day in paris,visit lourve museum,walk ard st. Germaine,went to a park and end up at st is on,no matter which country,when it comes to women,shopping is serious.they snatch too in paris!i bought 2 tops from zara.

Friday, June 27, 2008


From france.lime beer

Laura's lunch

Its 443pm now,paris

What u r having

Bought these from a nearby store.:-D

The view

In the park.

Picnic at luxerborg park

This park has been around since the 17th century.the weather is cool about 23 degrees,perfect.there are many people here.


Overlooking the eifel tower,enjoying my beer n chips. Beer is really cheaper than water here.

Example of her work

Mural at the museum.she is 77yrs old now.very forward-thinking.

Musée d'art moderne

Cool op art works

Very nice

Meat tender n flavorful

India 4 lunch

As laura is a vegan,we can only eat asian,her fav is india.

Bfast at cafe

Hot choc in paris is very delicous.

Thai 4 dinner

With laura.very pricy.paid abt 31euros for tom yam was ok.but abit sweet for my liking.

Who else but

Mr pollock,my idol.amazing ,as always.

Jasper john

Another of my fav artist.didnt notice thd 5 at first.did u?

Tapies work

Big piece.abt 2meters long.i overheard a lady saying this looks like a women with her black skirt flew up and undies dropped.funny.i kinda see that after .haha

Finally to pom center

This space is huge!came at 1pm,and we left at 7pm.the bookshop at the first level is great.:-D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cafès richard

Laura saw an overdue sms and thought i was meeting her at 12pm instead of im waiting 4 her now,sipping hot choc,very nice,not sweet.waiting,watching paris people go by.language is kinda a problem.very few people want to speak eng though they know.anyway,im still waiting and blogging to waste some time.

2nd day in paris

Bright and sunny with cool breeze on and off.going to the famous pompidou centre,where the inside is on the outside and vice versa.

Art opening

We were walking and saw this opening,so we went in and have a drink.the works are so-so,we left very quickly.

Beer time

After alot of walking in paris,with no museums open on tue,need to rest my feet and wind down.woke up at 5am today.somehow its very hot today,can wear spore clothes.

Centre cultural suedois

Hilma af klint's show.was walking and saw this cool place.laura likes the works.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 days in paris

Love paris?let u know after 28 june

4 days in paris

Love paris?let u know after 28 june