Thursday, May 28, 2009

last day bergen

cleaned up and packed. leaving to amsterdam on 28 may, 12pm flight.

nordic artist Kurt doing a performance...

everyday the artists at USF will have their lunch at the kafe klippers...

last entry from bergen

i visited amelia 's studio , she recontract old clothes and add knitted with her knitting machine!!
exhibition at usf gallery...
nattjazz which i have been going since i got the free pass....has been awesome!!
maia's work at the sound gallery...
artist/designer from columbia

Sunday, May 24, 2009


works 1mby 1m, oil on canvas. for consignment in a gallery in bergen.
the long line.. this nattjazz (means night jazz) attracts the entire bergen population. the pass are not cheap. 10 days is 1500kor( Sin$ 400) , 1 day pass is 390kor(sin$100) . they are doing very well... every night at USF, I see crowds flooding in... music is the big thing here... compared to art, and the reason is jazz is pure entertainment and a social gathering, with drinks..
solargraphy-a project started by a professor in finland. this pinhole tracks the path of the sun. i have done some in singapore and these are in bergen. a work by an artist from germany, he inflates the balloon himself and sends them to anyone who is keen to collaborate. the trick is to burst the balloon and take a pic and email him.

nattjazz 20-30 may 2009

kafe klippers- the most scenic and best cafe in bergen. the food is not great but the view is unbeatable!
the shelf has many catalogs of artists in usf.

17 may 2009-norway national day -part2

mag is taking all the works back to london, she is co-curating a group show there in oct2009, hopefully these works will be shown.

17 may 2009-norway national day

check out the customs they are wearing... on this day, many men and women dressed up in traditional dress... interesting , the men looked much better than the women, the custom made them looked pregnant and quite unflattering.

we celebrated after the performance with wine as I showed my works at the kafe klippers. i got a free house wine and any meal on the menu.

impulse mark one- Bergen( 16 May 2009)-actual day

collaboration in bergen

mag working hard... we did a total of 16 drawings in a day, before the live painting performance on the 16 may 2009.

the time is about 11pm and the sky is still so bright.
me and the musican ( for impulse mark 1) he is from usa /Israel.he is studying music and majors in violin. He played very well for us for the collab.

mag and her friend from italy, he is from london working as a civil engineer. he is here to check out the norway girls. yes, they are mostly very slim, attractive and pretty, i must say.

magdalena in bergen 14-17 may 2009(part2)

mag hotel room that is 170 pounds per night. wow
my work is installed in a vault, how cool is that?
the whole exhibition of yang fudongs films , all the 5 parts. seven intellectuals in the bamboo forest.

we took the tram up to the highest peak... in bergen

magdalena in bergen 14-17 may 2009

the film being screened in the gallery 3,14 with 16mm projector with looper.

left is maia, sound artist and also in-charge of usf residencies...

banner at gallery 3,14

i was thrilled to see my name on a big banner outside the building(used to be a bank) and now a gallery. it reads: Shih Yun Yeo, 'Diary'
16mm film that i hand-painted direct with chinese ink

these tulips were presented to me at the opening that night

setting up at gallery 3.14

the inside of gallery 3,14, they have all these exhibition posters dating
watched a performance at Landmark, the artist was singing and there was a projection with a karaoke style video... the title of her piece was something like , song for the raped woman.
check out the lovely yellow tulips

i like this, the wooden box and how the glass are arranged...