Friday, October 3, 2008

athens- last day of my 3 mths trip

In athens, drinking a beer on a hot day... its from a microbrewery here, not bad at all!!
Back to Singapore.16 sept 2008.

and lastly SUNSET

Perrissa Beach


They looked so amazing...

First meal

Not very delicious, no taste at all...

what a view

Reached Santorini

We rented a nissan march and drove to our was a very hot day and seems like hotter than Singapore!!

Our apartment....
the pool

on the ferry...still

blue star ferries - to Santorini

this is the station we stay, both times we reached after midnite, it is not a very safe place to walk at night, many police around catching people... its very scary....
on the way to Greece....

Our cabin, with bathroom, 7 hrs ride seem like such a short journey when u can sleep 180degrees.


to the ferry , at 6+am !!

goodbye room-after 2mths +

my room cleaned and packed up.
i will miss this place.. view from my room.

the hallway where i walk to the bathroom...

ironing the canvas

before we paint on this canvas, we have to iron it to make the surface even.

Magdalena Suranyi arrives from ldn to brussels

at the train station.second meeting after Lindart at Slovenia .
her arty boutique hotel in Brussels!
the cool lamp in the rest where we ate dinner.thx Mag for the treat!
thats me and her in the reflection, can u see us??
waiting for cab to bains on the day of opening, in the end we took a tram, its a real pain to get a cab here!

a day at ghent

S.M.A.K at gent, a cool museum to check out!!

if u love castles, u will love ghent